Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I care for my Green Giants?

----> Click here for Green Giant Care Sheet <----

Do you take orders over the phone?

No, we do not take orders over the phone.  The best way to reach us is the contact page.  Regardless we always take care to return phone calls, email or contact us requests within 24 hours.  But, usually much quicker than that.

Can I get my mulch delivered today?

If it is before 11am and you see the drop down option to select today for delivery, then yes!  After 11am we no longer accept same day orders.

Can we come see your products (mulch, trees, stone, etc)?

Sorry, we do not have a public retail location.  Our zoning does not allow us to have customers visit our business.  However, we are happy to provide pictures of any of our products, just contact us though the contact us page.  Thanks!

Do you deliver to our area?

Yes, we will deliver anywhere!  Our website dynamically calculates shipping based on how much you order and how far you live from our location.  If you have a small order and live very far you could see a very high shipping price!  But, if you live close to us or have a large order then you may get free delivery!

Do you have free delivery/shipping?

That depends... If you live close to us or have a large order our system may calculate a free delivery on your order.  Just give it a try and see!  You may get free shipping!

Will you dump anywhere except my driveway (mulch and stone deliveries)?

No, our drivers will not dump anywhere but on your driveway unless you have used the contact us page and gotten permission ahead of time from the owners?

Do you install mulch?

No, we only install trees.  You can check the install trees option when you select any of our trees.

I don’t see the installation option

When we are booked too many weeks out we often shut off the installation option

Is your mulch triple ground?

Yes, it’s the finest mulch around.  It’s triple ground so it’s easy to spread and spreads nice and flat.

How good is your black dyed mulch?

Our black dyed is the best around.  It stays darker, longer than any mulch sold locally.  And, it starts off very black. 

Do you have playground mulch?

No we do not stock playground mulch

Do you deliver on Sunday?

No, in the observance of the Lord’s Day we do not make any deliveries on Sunday.