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How do I order?

I have Questions about ordering online

Why Mulch Monkey?
We deliver, no worrying about how to get those trees home! We can expertly Install (with a 1 year warranty and mulch ring). If you want to plant yourself, see our planting tips below. Our trees are locally grown – they are used to this weather and soil – Don’t buy BIG BOX trees, they come from down south and are not naturally grown here. They look amazing in the store but will hugely disappoint you over the years. They never grow as fast or as beautiful as our trees. But you can be assured that when you order from, you are getting well-rooted Thuja Green Giants, ready for explosive growth. And for quickest privacy, we now have a limited supply of large trees available. These larger trees offer more developed branching for ready-made privacy in your landscape.

Why Green Giants?
The Thuja Green Giant quickly gives you a lush, rich privacy screen (3-5 feet per year once established).
And it's:
- Drought tolerant
- Disease and insect resistant
- Easy-to-grow and very adaptable

You can block out neighbors while taking very little yard space. Thuja Green Giants grow in a uniform shape and height. You get that classic French Renaissance look without having to prune or shear. In fact, you don't have to do anything to them. They're drought tolerant and have no significant insect or disease problems. So, you'll never have to worry about mixing chemicals or spraying these trees. With proper care, Thujas aren't typically prone to deer or bagworm problems. This is a tough tree. Resists ice and snow damage. Grows in almost any soil, even sandy loam or heavy clays. Prefers direct sunlight, but also does well in partial shade. The Thuja Green Giant is the perfect fast-growing evergreen for a privacy hedge or windscreen. Plant one every 5 to 6 feet and they quickly create a dense barrier (as close as 4' for quicket screening). You can easily trim them once a year to your desired height. Left unpruned, Thuja Green Giants planted in rows can reach as high as 30 to 40 feet. Your Thuja foliage stays soft and thick all year long (although we do see some browning of tips the first year or two until the roots are established).

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What Sizes do you have?
We have sizes from 2' tall all the way up to 11' (the larger sizes sell quick so are not always in stock, click on the size you want and select quantity to see if it is in stock)

What should I expect from my Green Giants?
The first year for your green giant can be a bit underhwleming as far as growth.  It takes a season or two for your green giant to establish roots in it's new home and then watch out, they will grow so fast it's just plain amazing! Also, your green giant needles (yes they are called needles, even though they don't look like a pine needle does) may turn brown or yellowish the first winter.  Once again, until the roots are established the needles may dry out the first winter.  But, no worries they will turn a dark green again in the late spring.

How do I care for them?
See our care sheet ----> CARE SHEET

How do I plant them?
1) Dig your hole bigger than your pot
2) Don't dig too deep, because you want to plant your tree about an inch out of the ground.  Evergreens hate wet feet.  So you never want to plant them below grade or even at grade.  They want to dry out a couple of times a week.
3) Take your green giant out of the container and put it in the hole and fill in the soil around the root ball keeping the tree straight.
4) Really pack the soil around the tree with your foot.  You want your tree to stay straight (loose soil and it will lean when it gets windy) and you want to get rid of any air pockets in the soil.  Anywhere that could fill up with water (wet feet bad). - WE DO NOT RECOMMEND AMENDING THE SOIL, IT IS BEST FOR THE TREES TO BECOME ACCLIMATED TO YOUR SOIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. 
5) Mulch around your tree, but don't put the mulch right up to the trunk.  That is where your tree breaths.  Mulch is important to keep your tree roots cool during the summer and warm in the winter.

Are your green giants B&B or in pots?
Some nurseries dig Thujas out of the ground and send them bare-rooted, or 'ball and burlap.' This can leave up to 90% of the roots behind. The tree can lose up to a year of growth while struggling to replace its root system. You also risk losing the tree, since it's less able to absorb vital nutrients and water. Our Thuja Green Giants are hybrids grown from branch cuttings - not from seed. They need to grow below the ground before they can grow above the ground. Some nurseries sell freshly rooted cuttings, which can take up to a year to reach the size and root mass of our pots. Our pots range from 1 gallon to 15 gallon depending on the size of the tree.
* However, we do offer some excelent limited B&B for our larger trees that need a bigger root ball than a pots allow.  We make sure we expertly dig them and keep most of the root systems.  They do excellent just like our pots.